Supplier of Talc Powder Indonesia

Pratibha Refractory Minerals is highly contributory in manufacturing, Supplying and exporting Talc Powder, Dolomite and Kaolin (Refractory Minerals) in all over world. Our products have high operational efficiency. Our talc powder is in highest finesse powder form. In short we are best supplier of Talc Powder in India and far and wide.Talc is a metamorphic mineral which can be found in rocks, in foliated masses and sometimes in veins. One can describe talc as Soapstone because of its softness and greasiness. Talc’s structure is similar to micas and clay minerals. It mostly found in the form of magnesium silicates though it covers a wide range of primary rocks and minerals. It is sheet silicate basically. We do supply our products mainly in Indonesia and all over the world. Main Indonesian cities where we supply our refractory products are: Bali, Jakarta, Java, Kalimantan, Tarakan, Ambon, Kali, Sumbawa, Timor, Ternate, Sulawesi, Buton, Sumatra, Batam and Bintan. Average market price of Talc Powder is 15000 Indian Rupees per ton.