School Plus App - Mobile App for Schools with Amazing features

School Plus is designed for better interaction between student, teachers, parents, and management. SCHOOL PLUS provides timely feedback as well as helps to build a better relationship with parents, thus creating a friendly image for schools. No need to wait anymore for the meeting with school teachers/admin! At a single click, you can get to know your child’s progress. Parents get notified easily about events, news, exam schedule, exam results etc on the go. Without much manual intervention, teachers can give updates to all parents simultaneously without wasting precious time.Normally we can say it is an android app that supports parent teacher communication and helps to know about the daily status of students. SCHOOL PLUS app works on all Android smartphones and assures the perfect organization of school management activities. Parents can have a quick summary of the entire activities of their children in the mobile app. School parent communication is an inevitable task, school management, as well as parents, shows greater interest to conduct the meetings. But everyone has numerous schedules to be followed and as a result very limited time available. In this context, school management software is a boon for every parent. Everyone owns a mobile phone, School plus just conserve your precious time as well as helps you monitor your child’s academic status. School bills that are paid can be known and all the other payments that have to be provided can be precisely known through notifications. School Plus is obviously an asset to teachers since every task can be organized efficiently with a single click. No need to train using this mobile app for schools, since every option can be handled without much confusion. Without being worried about maintaining paper works and records, school plus ensures everything gets done faster. All the data stored can be accessed by the institution without much intervention. Every record is backed up. Teachers can initiate a one to one real time chat with the parents to give proper feedback about the performance of their children in academic as well as other activities. School Plus App is the best mobile software for school management, is a very helpful application for teachers, school managements, and parents. It is a common practice to conduct meetings to discuss student’s performance with their parents. Moreover, teachers have got a lot of hassles to manage their student’s details. Every information including attendance, records, mark lists is prepared and managed by teachers and results in a complex task management. School plus is a mobile app for teachers to communicate with parents, teachers, and school management. Very fastly and efficiently without taking much effort, every task can be completed in a single click. Please contact -, +91 9061 249995