Professional Paramedic, Volume II: Medical Emergencies, Maternal Health & Pediatrics

Professional Paramedic, Volume II: Medical Emergencies, Maternal Health & Pediatrics

ISBN: 1428323511

ISBN 13: 9781428323513

Publication Date: August 19, 2010

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Pages: 1024

Format: Paperback

Authors: Richard Beebe, Jeffrey C. Myers

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Meet and exceed educational requirements and expectations for Paramedic training with The Professional Paramedic Series. Based on the new National EMS Education Standards, this economical three-volume series equips you and your learners with the resources necessary for both paramedic certification and re-certification. Comprehensive, using a case-based methodology, while remaining street-friendly, each volume in the series walks learners through the skills and concepts critical to the job of a Paramedic. The framework of each book is practical in approach: introducing principles, skills and terminology; presenting a typical case; walking through critical response steps; and again reviewing key concepts to ensure understanding for successful application on the job. Learn about application of skills in emergency situations in Volume II: Medical Emergencies, Maternal Health & Pediatrics. This book discusses a full range of emergencies, ranging from bleeding disorders to neonatal resuscitation. Each chapter in Volume II introduces a case that carries through the chapter to help readers make strong connections to actual patient experiences while learning the content. This book follows up on the fundamental information covered in Volume I: Foundations of Paramedic Care, and precedes coverage of special response considerations in Volume III: Trauma Care & EMS Operations. Practical and reader-friendly, each volume includes a full color design with detailed photos, graphics and step-by-step skill sequences to ensure your learners are fully prepared for the responsibilities, adventures, and challenges of the paramedic profession.

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